Hosted Windows

Proven Windows Server hosting platform

The service allows our customers to run applications and websites without incurring server infrastructure costs. We offer shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers, as well as hosting tailored to your requirements.

Wide experience

We have been using our skills and experience in maintaining Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server and web applications in commercial hosting services since 2006. is a platform that allows customers to host applications and websites on the Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and Microsoft SQL Server 2019 servers. The offer is addressed to those who want to run websites or use applications without incurring significant costs for server infrastructure and without worrying about the reliability of their maintenance.


The hosting offer

The Hosted Windows platform offers 3 hosting options:

  • Shared Hosting - Commercial hosting of services (PL: serwisy) and web applications on shared Microsoft IIS and Microsoft SQL Server 2019 servers with fast NVME drives. It is designed primarily for users who plan to run commercial websites for their businesses at low cost.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting - The offer is addressed to customers for whom it is important to lease servers with guaranteed parameters in terms of the performance of servers (fast NVME drives) and databases or network bandwidth, without incurring high costs associated with the lease of dedicated servers. It is an optimal combination of Shared Hosting cost effectiveness with guaranteed parameters of servers available in the Dedicated Hosting service.
  • Dedicated Hosting – A commercial offer of hosting applications and websites on dedicated servers designed for individual customers. This service also enables building multi-server configurations with high availability for the most demanding solutions.

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Why use our hosting offer

  • a special hosting offer with personal data protection
  • dedicated tariff plans for CMS hosting, including WordPress hosting
  • reducing costs related to infrastructure investments
  • high data security
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Premium class technical support
  • daily backup of the service
  • anti-DDoS protection included in the service price
  • fast NVME discs
  • assistance in selecting options or designing an individual hosting environment

A comparison of all hosting services. See how the options differ and choose the one that best suits your needs.


Shared Hosting

VPS Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

Websites using IIS, ASP.NET, .NET Core, MS SQL, PHP, MySQL and ready-made CMS

Applications running on Windows Server

Access to the server using Microsoft Remote Desktop/Microsoft Terminal Services

Lease of servers and services with specific parameters

A dedicated server or multi-server environments

(*) In VPS Hosting, the customer leases a part (e. g. 1/4) of a physical server with certain parameters.
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