SMS Gateway

Free SMS Gateway in the Orange network

The popularity of SMS messages

SMS and MMS messages have become one of the main means of daily communication, from private contacts with family and friends through ordering and confirming services to business contacts. They are used:

  • to convey information,
  • in services,
  • to confirm banking operations, as well as
  • for fun and entertainment.

SMS from the Internet

Using the popularity and the ease of access to SMS and MMS messages, realizes their potential by providing operators with highly efficient communication services that generate additional revenues. One of such solutions - especially liked by users - is the Internet SMS Gateway (IBSMS).


How does the SMS Gateway work?

  • This is a two-way gateway that allows you to send SMS messages using a web browser or communicators.  The service can be used by customers of a given mobile network, and messages sent in this way are free of charge for the sender.
  • The recipient receives a message enriched with a short text advertisement, thanks to which the application also becomes a marketing tool.  The operator can use this tool for his own needs, promoting services and products, e.g. new phone models. He can also share this space with other companies as an advertising medium.
  • The operator obtains revenues from return messages sent from mobile phones as a response to the Internet gateway users. Thanks to the integration of the gateway with Gadu-Gadu, Tlen, Skype and Facebook communicators and e-mails, the sender of the SMS message is sure that it will reach the addressee.
  • It provides a possibility to generate additional revenue from advertising or selling your own products through this additional channel of communication.
  • It provides a possibility of making available the MiNi Gateway which owners of any websites and blogs can build into their online services free of charge. This increases the reach of the gateway and the operator's revenue from return messages (SMS MO) and advertisements.

Find out how to embed the MiNi SMS Gateway on your website

It is a widget that every webmaster can build into his website by pasting a ready-made HTML code into the page code. Thanks to this, all Internet users visiting the online service can directly, without leaving the page, send an SMS message to the subscriber of a given network free of charge. This solution does not involve any fees on the part of the website owner.

After pasting the code, a 285x355px or 230x355px frame will appear on the page, allowing you to send SMS messages. The Internet user enters his phone number, data, message content and token. If a user of the MiNi Gateway would like to receive a reply to his message, he must provide his email address or telephone number. The webmaster can also use the MiNi Gateway version, which displays the recipient's default number, making it easier to contact the owner of the site.

Why choose the SMS Gateway?

  • in case of high traffic, the service is self-financed from the revenue from return traffic
  • it effectively generates additional advertising revenue at low implementation costs
  • it has a major impact on operator customer satisfaction (a good NPS)
  • it is a tool for promoting one's own products and services, especially the new ones that are just being introduced to the market
  • it generates traffic on the site and allows for constant communication with customers
  • the service is scalable - it can be adjusted to the operator's needs
  • the service can be made available from's datacenter in a 24/7 maintenance mode
  • it is open to integration with external applications and an operator's infrastructure

Who is the SMS Gateway for?

For telecommunications service providers because:

  • it facilitates constant communication with customers
  • it generates additional revenue
  • it helps to build an image of a company friendly to all customer groups

For clients who:

  • send large numbers of SMS messages
  • have permanent access to the Internet
  • use also other operators

For advertisers who are looking for:

  • non-standard forms of communication
  • a well-defined group of cutomers
  • large advertising coverage

The gateway

The Internet SMS gateway is one of the oldest and most reliable's services provided to the telecommunications operator Orange. Despite the fact that the service was launched over 10 years ago (still under the Idea brand), it is still being developed, enabling millions of users to communicate daily using free SMS messages. The service is used by more than 5 million users who send over 50 million SMS messages per month (about 20 SMS messages/ second).

Sending an SMS message from the Orange web gateway is free of charge. By sending a reply from the phone the subscriber covers the cost of the SMS message. This makes the free SMS gateway from the Internet a source of revenue for Orange. This business model was appreciated by the entire Orange Group and the service was recognised in 2005 as the "Best revenue generator" of all Orange Group services provided in 17 countries.

The Internet SMS gateway  works in's datacenter and is maintained for Orange in a white-label model. It was developed with the use of Microsofti technology. This company appreciated the innovation of our product by awarding the Customer Experience Award in the worldwide Microsoft partner competition.

Today, the SMS from the Internet enables a multi-channel communication and sending and receiving SMS messages via the website, Gadu-Gadu and Tlen instant messengers, and e-mails. It provides a mini SMS gateway to embed on your own website and a mobile application for iPad. The gateway is also integrated with the Skype communicator and Facebook. You can check how the gateway works at