Our technologies

Microsoft and Open Source

Microsoft solutions

Our solutions, including dedicated Web applications, online services and applications made available in the SaaS model, use the most important Microsoft technologies and platforms, including Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Microsoft System Center family tools.

Open Source solutions

We provide and maintain any Open Source applications and services running on the Ubuntu/Debian platform. To create and develop them we use, among others, Python, PostgreSQL, Django, Django CMS, Django Oscar and many, many others.

Microsoft technologies

Microsoft information technologies have accompanied us since the company was founded, i.e. since 1995. We specialize in creating applications and maintaining solutions on the Microsoft Windows platform. Our team of developers, administrators and system engineers has evolved since the mid-nineties with the development of technologies and IT platforms provided by Microsoft.

We are a company whose development and maintenance teams grew up with Microsoft technologies and have matured with the development of programming tools and management systems for Microsoft IT environments.

Our dedicated Web applications, online services and applications provided in the SaaS model use most of the solutions and platforms provided by Microsoft, including Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server. Our solutions are managed through Microsoft System Center. We have many years of experience in hosting portals, online services and electronic services on Microsoft platforms, which puts us among the reliable and credible Microsoft competency partners.

Open Source technologies

Open Source information technologies are a separate, very important and promising direction of our business development. Our relationship with Open Source started in 2010, when we formed a team of Rapid Development developers and administrators in our structure. Through it we provide and maintain any applications and online services running on the Ubuntu/Debian platform. When creating Open Source solutions we use Python, PostgreSQL, Django, Django CMS, Django Oscar and many, many others.

Reliability and accountability

Technological diversity and many years of experience allow us to correctly estimate the risk and cost of the implementation of software projects. In some applications we recommend Open Source technologies, while in others we strongly side with Microsoft. We always support our customers by using knowledge and relevant arguments honestly presenting the advantages and disadvantages of various solutions and environments seen through the prism of customer objectives and requirements. Wherever justified, we use virtualization and cloud services. In our projects we often use Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services even if the solution is hosted and maintained in our dedicated data center.

Professionalism and experience

After several years of positive experience, we are not afraid to carry out software development tasks in Microsoft .Net and Django/Python technologies. We know that technology is not the most important aspect of the project. Far more important are the following elements:

  • cooperation with people responsible for business processes,
  • schedule compliance,
  • the ability to manage the order of project tasks, and
  • the functional scope of applications and services.