Mass text messaging tool

The popularity of text messages

Text messages are currently the fastest and one of the cheapest forms of communication. As a result, they are very popular, and the best proof for that is more than 51.9 billion (Poland's Office of Electronic Communications data) text messages sent in Poland in 2014.

Text message advertising

Text messages are an effective advertising tool. According to GFK MRI, as many as 57% of people are willing to call back the received SMS advertisement. The Nielsen Agency confirms in its research that 71% of people who received an SMS advertisement on their mobile phone are looking for further information about the advertised product. Check out our offer of SMS campaigns -

Applications of the SMS campaign in business

See how you can use text messaging

The popularity of SMS, MMS and USSD technologies is also a result of the possibility to use them in the activities of almost every company. SMS and MMS drive the majority of messaging communications. Customer service is one of those areas where we can find the most examples:

  • banking and financial services - authorization of transactions, balance check, account access authentication
  • tourism - confirmation of reservations, information and reminders about travel details
  • logistics and transport - organisation of deliveries, shipment tracking
  • e-commerce - order confirmation, order status information
  • local administration – service for residents (information about the status of the case, a possibility of receiving documents)
  • crisis management – information about the threat
  • health – confirmation and reminder of visits, information on the collection of results

SMS and MMS are also used on a large scale in entertainment and promotion.  Advertising, marketing and PR agencies are eager to include this type of communication in their campaign plans.  The most typical actions carried out with the use of SMS and MMS are the following:

  • competitions and lotteries
  • information about promotions
  • loyalty programmes: discount coupons and codes
  • marketing events – information, registration, communication
  • mass events as an element of the interaction
  • sales support – direct marketing
  • building customer relationships - personalised messages
  • surveys

HostedSMS Platform

The SMS platform is a solution that enables mass sending of SMS, MMS and USSD messages.  It also allows our customers to receive return messages as part of the mass sending actions. It permits integration with CRM systems and the use of Microsoft Outlook.  The platform enables the following operations :

  • sending text messages via a www interface (WWW2SMS)
  • receiving return messages (SMS2WWW)
  • sending text messages by e-mail (Email2SMS)
  • sending USSD messages via the web interface (WWW2USSD)
  • SMS platform integration with Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010 software
  • integration of the platform with customer-side management systems (WebAPI)

SMS Platform

  • API
  • Custom interface
  • Outlook Mobile Service

Our experience has been cooperating closely with GSM operators since 1995 and has been creating telecommunications solutions and value-added services for them using SMS and MMS communications. The knowledge gained over the years, the tools we've developed and an experienced team of employees allow us to maintain critical systems for many very demanding customers. As one of the few companies in Poland we create and maintain SMS systems for GSM operators and banks:

  • Orange – e. g.  and gateways
  • Polkomtel – creating the gateway
  • T-Mobile
  • Nordea Bank
  • Meritum Bank

Our systems process nearly 100 million text messages each month, and the performance of our platform measured with PTK Centertel, T-Mobile and Polkomtel operators is over 1700 text messages per second.