Financial and Insurance Products
Dedicated insurance distribution and sales platform

We support business

Applan Business Platform allows you to automate business processes and shorten the time needed to launch a product on the market, especially in organizations with a dispersed structure.

We automate processes

We support business processes related to the creation, distribution and sale of products as well as customer acquisition, customer service, billing and maintenance.

Insurance and finance

Applan Business Platform [ABP] – a solution for companies selling products/services, including financial and insurance products/services, through extensive and dispersed sales networks. It combines the most important functional elements of the ERP and CRM systems, with full functionality available on any device with Internet access: a PC, a laptop, a smartphone. The Applan Business Platform service is built on 5 pillars: back-office, administration, hosting, development, ABP platform, which support business processes related to the creation, distribution and sale of products and customer acquisition, customer service, billing and maintenance.

ABP Platform
IT Solutions for Automation and Support of Business Processes

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    Full Service for System Users in Terms of Documentation and Billing
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    User and Product Administration
    Introducing New Changes and Withdrawing Products. Management of Account Structure and User Permissions.
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    ABP Platform Maintenance. Ensuring Trouble-Fbbree System Operation and Data Security
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    Functional and Technical Development of the System. Updates and Continuous Technical Support.

What is ABP for

This solution offers, among others:

  • automation of the most labour-intensive processes and the possibility of shifting the resources to commercial activities
  • easy definition and quick introduction of new products to the market, significantly shortening time to market
  • Immediate access to new products throughout the entire sales network and simultaneous withdrawal from all outlets
  • reduction of costs related to the preparation, production and distribution of information materials and costs associated with product training
  • standardisation and reduction of customer service time
  • sales network management, including an on-line billing and reporting system
  • high system scalability thanks to a multi-layer architecture
  • high system availability - thanks to a redundant configuration of web servers and databases

Selected functional areas

An important feature of the system is the ability to quickly define and make new products available in the sales network, e.g. insurance products, as well as their immediate withdrawal from the offer. One of the stages of creating an offer is parameterization of products and estimation of costs of various components. Both stages, implemented using traditional methods, are very time-consuming and require the involvement of many people. ABP allows to shorten the time of the whole process even to a few hours and make the new product available in the whole distribution network within a few minutes.

The completeness of data

The solution is the primary source for thematic data warehouses. It is possible thanks to the consistency and high quality of data collected by the system and a uniform way of defining terms. In financial and insurance products it influences the speed of settlement of individual transactions and, as a result, the efficiency of customer service. Additionally, ABP allows to generate a number of reports, ranging from trade and distribution reports to management reports.

Analytical Management Reports

  • For Product Managers
  • For Distribution Managers
  • For Complaint Managers
  • For Customer Service Managers
  • For Contract Managers
  • For Billing Managers

Customer services

A big change, related to customer service, was the transfer of activities, previously reserved for the manufacturer or distributor, to the level of a single seller. In the case of policy sales, it was shortened to about 10 minutes thanks to online access to products and documents necessary to sell them. The system was also equipped with an information portal dedicated to agents, where they can monitor settlement and payment statuses and obtain a range of information, including e.g. information on product profitability.

Service Features

ABP Administration

  • maintenance and accessibility
  • product administration
  • import/export
  • automatic procedures
  • security
  • administration


  • helpdesk, sales support
  • handling of non-automated processes
  • record keeping
  • settlements
  • commissioned supervision
  • reporting

ABP Platform

  • distribution structures
  • product suppliers and products
  • bid and contract register
  • customer register
  • settlements with customers, product suppliers, distributors
  • post-sales service


  • maintenance and accessibility
  • HW/OS and communication
  • Collocation
  • administration
  • security
  • development

ABP Development

  • maintenance and development
  • new functionalities
  • new technologies

Case study - Generali ABP

The Applan Business Platform Architecture

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