Intranet systems

Fast and efficient internal communication is a challenge for every company. Employee relations and the circulation of information has a large impact on employee efficiency, which translates into company results. Invaluable help in corporate communication is provided by intranet systems which improve information exchange in the organization and support business processes. It is possible to implement electronic document circulation, build a structured and easily accessible knowledge base, and even set up an internal social network that will enhance employee integration.


At, we build our intranet systems in various technologies, both based on Microsoft SharePoint and built with the use of open source solutions. In both cases it is possible to implement an Active directory service in the intranet system.

Major benefits of an intranet in a company:

  • Improves internal communication and helps to build a coherent corporate  communication strategy,
  • Improves the flow of information and documents,
  • Reduces costs of internal processes and increases work efficiency,
  • Provides knowledge management tools,
  • Builds a positive image among staff,
  • Aggregates in one place the most important information, documents, templates of letters, regulations etc.,
  • Eliminates information chaos by easy access to information and a shortened search time,
  • Creates a platform for knowledge exchange between employees and organizational units,
  • Simplifies employee onboarding,
  • Reduces costs related to the distribution of newsletters, training materials, contact databases, advertisements etc.,
  • Helps to assign access to selected information to groups of employees,
  • Creates a consultation platform for the exchange of opinions and ideas.