Software as a service

gain flexibility by reducing costs

The use of applications in the hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) model is a proven model that allows you to reduce the costs of IT projects and facilitate control over expenses related to the maintenance of the company's IT systems.

Flexibility in business

It enables a quick response to the changing situation by purchasing access to new solutions or giving up those that do not meet the business needs of the company. As a result, the company gains more flexibility in its operations and cuts down the costs.

Benefits of using the software as a service model

Investment minimization and cost management

As opposed to purchasing and implementing the solution yourself, hosted services delivered in the "Software as a Service" model (SaaS) do not require any investment in hardware platform and software licenses. Monthly fees for the use of the services are small and the costs are largely predictable in the long run.

Immediate availability of the solution

The purchase and launch of hosted services usually takes no longer than one day. Self-deployment of a relatively small IT system can take up to several weeks.

Allows better use of the IT department

Management of the IT environment is carried out by a dedicated team of's administrators. The management of the hosted service itself, thanks to an easy-to-use Management Panel, can be performed by a person without specialist technical preparation. Using hosted services allows IT department employees to focus on important business problems instead of tedious and time-consuming technical duties.

Benefits of hosting

Hosting guarantees high or very high quality IT services. A hosting company guarantees full security, high reliability and availability of data.

Professional support

Services in the SaaS model are usually provided by specialized companies with proven technical competence. Using their services is equivalent to having a team of experts who care as much as possible about the quality of the application’s work.

Software as a service at

Hosting services offered by are characterized by a very high level of security and reliability. We maintain both popular services such as mail and WWW, as well as dedicated solutions crucial from the business point of view for demanding customers from the telecommunications, insurance and media sectors.

  • We have a dedicated team of service administrators working 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).
  • In mass services we guarantee 99.5% availability. In practice, we take pride in maintaining an availability rate of 99.97%.
  • A very important element is the high flexibility of our solutions. Practically overnight users can scale and adapt them to increasing or decreasing business needs. has many years of experience in hosting services on Microsoft platforms. We were the first Microsoft partner of Poland to obtain the Hosting Solutions specialization. We were the first provider to offer an Exchange mail server in the hosted model within the service. In 2008, we were awarded the "Hosting Solutions Partner of the Year" title in the global competition for Microsoft partners.

Software for companies

Solutions for SME


Use SMS, MMS and USSD messages in customer service and marketing. The HostedSMS platform, thanks to a convenient set of interfaces (WWW and API), makes it easy for companies to handle and automate SMS communication.

HostedWindows is a service that allows customers to run applications and websites on the Internet without incurring server infrastructure costs. HostedWindows provides a platform for hosting websites and web applications - shared hosting, VPS servers and dedicated servers, as well as dedicated hosting tailored to customer requirements.


Comprehensive and reliable business e-mail service for small and medium-sized enterprises using Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook. It is available in a hosted model and therefore accessible to any company.

A user-friendly service for recording and monitoring employee working hours. Facilitates the management of project teams. The collected data can be used, among others, to estimate labour costs for the purpose of project billing.