Custom Projects

We specialize in complex software development, implementation, hosting and maintenance projects for demanding customers. We offer our customized products and services to companies of all sizes operating in the insurance, telecommunications, banking and energy sectors. The software and applications that we develop are based on specifications provided by customers or on specifications designed by our specialists. The implementation and maintenance of the application can take place in our data center or in a data center indicated by the customer.

Our main product lines:

Solutions based on the proprietary ABP

Solutions based on the proprietary ABP (Applan Business Platform) for companies selling products and services, including financial and insurance products and services, through extensive and dispersed distribution networks. They combine elements of ERP and CRM systems, ensure flexibility and efficiency of the sales process management and improve the quality of customer relations. They enable a very fast launch without the need to commission software development work and additional development of complex financial and insurance products. They also help to combine different products into packages, which significantly reduces the "time to market", i.e. the time that elapses between the defining of the product and its launch.

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The Utility Cost Management System

The Utility Cost Management System is designed for comprehensive financial analysis of utility consumption and settlement of payments for utilities in companies. It has been successfully adapted to serve manufacturing, trading and service companies, especially those with a dispersed location structure. The management panel of our system enables easy configuration of the dedicated system from the browser level, including adjustment to any European tariff.

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Communication systems based on the proprietary ACP

Communication systems based on the proprietary ACP (Applan Communications Platform) integrating various communication channels (SMS, MMS, WAP, Fax, IVR, E-mail, WWW). Thanks to them even the most complex, multi-stage communication scenarios will be realized.

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Intranet systems for communication and information management in the enterprise.

Intranet systems for communication and information management in the enterprise. On their basis it is possible to build electronic document workflows, knowledge bases or even social networking portals for employees. They facilitate access and exchange of information, which improves the effectiveness of the organization and speeds up the business processes. We build them in various technologies, both based on Microsoft SharePoint and with the use of open source solutions. In both cases it is possible to implement an Active Directory service in the intranet system.

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Administrative tools to facilitate the management of IT infrastructure in the company. They automate many processes by introducing self-service and workflow mechanisms. They also monitor and organize access to IT resources.

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