Utility Cost Management System (UCMS)

The Utility Cost Management System (UCMS) is designed for comprehensive financial analysis of utility consumption and settlement of payments for utilities in companies. The system has been successfully adapted to serve manufacturing, trading and service companies, especially those with a dispersed location structure. The system monitors and analyzes not only the electricity management in enterprises, but also supports other utilities, such as heat, natural gas and water. Thanks to numerous reports at each stage of utility consumption, it is possible to control, monitor the incurred costs and build plans and forecasts.

Major advantages of the UCMS system:

  • Support of many utilities (electricity, heat, gas, water)
  • The possibility to build tariffs dynamically regardless of the utility and no help from developers is needed for this. The tariff can be built from the level of the administrative interface.
  • The system has two interfaces:
    • for administrators (head office staff)
    • for customers (station/grid staff)


Main modules of the system:

  • mechanism of adding invoices to the system and verifying them
  • mechanism of adding re-invoices to the system and verifying them
  • contract and recontract management
  • collection points
  • meter
  • customer base management
  • supply and distribution base management
  • management of tariffs and multiple types of price lists
  • creation of tariffs and price lists directly from the WWW interface
  • budgeting and reserves
  • forecast management
  • reporting, including a report modification mechanism
  • complaint management
  • interest notes
  • user management

The UCMS system contains information concerning the monitored facilities, such as:  

  • types and locations of individual facilities, collection points and meters
  • persons responsible for specific utility collection points
  • detailed terms and conditions of agreements concluded with specific utility companies

Thanks to numerous and varied reports, it is possible to control, monitor and report the costs incurred at each stage of utility consumption.