Models of cooperation

Flexibility and experience

Flexibility is a priority

We always adjust the model of cooperation to the specifics of the service and the customer’s preferences in terms of billing, licensing and service maintenance.


We also know how time-consuming the process of formal acceptance of projects and contracts in a corporate environment can be. That is why we make intensive use of our company's agility - we demonstrate far-reaching flexibility, and we deal with formal issues without unnecessary delays and complications.

In terms of project billing, we distinguish the following basic models:

Revenue sharing involves sharing operating profits or losses generated by the services jointly launched by associated actors for the customers of an operator.

CAPEX/OPEX is used wherever the service does not have a direct impact on the revenues of an operator but is required for business reasons. We deliver services financed both under the investment model (CAPEX) and the maintenance model (OPEX), as well as under a combination of both models.

A reseller model is used when we provide ready-to-use, value-added services available to the customers of operators/partners with a branding.

In terms of service distribution, we operate in the following models:

White label is a service customized to the requirements of an operator and available as part of the operator's services. In this model, our company is usually not visible to end users of the service.

A reseller model is used when the service is sold to end customers by an operator, with the end customer knowing that the service provider is In this model, the service is usually available with a logo, and the operator is responsible for selling the service and maintaining commercial relations with the customer. Our company is responsible for the maintenance and technical support of the service and settles the accounts directly with the operator, who has full freedom in shaping the pricing policy for the end customer.

Direct selling is selling a service directly to end customers.