FaxCore is a manufacturer of modern software used for enterprise-wide faxing. FaxCore fax server is a solution built on Microsoft .NET platform, using Microsoft SQL database server technology. It offers high scalability, efficiency and reliability, as well as distributed data processing.

The solution has a multilayer, redundant architecture to provide the required scalability and reliability by using distributed processing and, consequently, eliminating a single point of failure. It supports both traditional telecommunications links with channel switching (TDM) and modern packet transmission using FoIP/T.38 (Fax-Over-IP) technology. It provides a Web client and offers an innovative Web Service API via XML (http or https) for the integration of fax servers with any IT environment. See more about this in chapter: Fax systems - FaxCore. is a FaxCore distributor. This status guarantees access to full knowledge about the products and the latest offers and promotions, as well as a complete range of customer services and support, including professional deployment, maintenance and servicing procedures, and above all, access to the latest solutions thanks to direct support from the manufacturer.