Carbonite, Inc. owns the well-known and respected DoubleTake brand whose products offer customizable protection against data loss, covering a  wide-range of business needs.

One of the most important patented DoubleTake technologies is a unique data replication mechanism recommended in all scenarios of securing physical servers, virtual servers and hybrid systems combining the advantages of both environments. has been offering products from the DoubleTake family  since the mid-nineties and is a partner of Carbonite, Inc. Our cooperation with Carbonite guarantees our customers:

  • access to a dedicated technical support team
  • flexible deployment options and top-quality maintenance services
  • the latest information about new products and solutions
  • the ability to communicate with the company’s experts and engineers

We belong to a small, elite group of Carbonite's European partners, who, as direct collaborators, can fulfill customers' orders and benefit from the company's support by communicating directly with Carbonite.